In September 1997 the independent Dr. Manfred Wörner Circle was founded as a forum to discuss Future Security Policy with experts of the two Brussels based Alliances NATO and EU as well as from the OSCE. It is a think tank to foster the European Strategic Community with a strong link to the United States and Canada. There should be also an exchange of information for experts from the Eastern European countries participating in the EAPC.

The Dr. Manfred Wörner Circle was founded in remembrance to the late Secretary General of NATO, Manfred Wörner, who died during his second term being in power. He did an outstanding effort to transform NATO into an active and vivid New Alliance as it is today. His vision was to improve the Euro-Atlantic link to provide the broad basis for the new democratic countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to participate in this Alliance.

Honorary President:

H. E. Ambassador Amedeo de Franchis
former Deputy NATO Secretary General (1989 ? 1994),
former Permanent Representative of Italy to NATO (1998-2000)
Ambassador of Italy to the Kingdom of Spain (2000 ? 2006)

Members of the Board:

  • Mr. Thomas F. Darcy, EADS North America,
  • Mr. Claus-Peter Müller, Brussels based journalist,
  • Col. (ret.) Hermann Pötter, Independent International Consultant
  • Mr. David A. Cooper, (as from May 2005)
  • Political Advisor, Defence Investment, IS, NATO HQ ( – 2004)


David A. R. Cooper

Director DMWC

18, Avenue de l´Etoile

B-1340 Ottignies, Belgium

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