12 May 2014               H.E.

Mr. Ihor Dolhov

Ambassador of Ukraine to NATO

From Yalta 1943 to Sochi 2014, and back”


24 Frebruary 2014

Mr. Ralf Prechtl

President Combat Platforms, Rheinmetall Defence

Chances and Risks of Smart Defence:

                                     A View of the German Defence Industry “


24 June 2013

Mr. Edgar Buckley

Independent Defence and Security Consultant

Former NATO ASG for Defence Planning and Operations

“NATO and Industry Post Chicago”


19 September 2012     Prof. Dr. Hans Gert Pöttering, MdEP

President of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin

Former President of the EU Parliament

“The Future of European Security:

Common Challenges for NATO and EU”


10 September 2012     Mr. Sergei Sikorsky

Former Vice-President, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

“Int. Programs: Lessons learned from a Lifetime of Aviation  Ecperience”


12 Dec 2011                H.E. Mr. Arif Havas Oegroseno

Ambassadorr of the Republic of Indonesia to Belgium, EU and Luxembourg

Regional Security Architecture

24 Oct 2011                Mr. Neil Atkinson

Director, Energy and Utilities Research Analysis

Datamonitor, London,  England

“Energy Security: The Challenge of Scarce Resources“


20 June 2011               H.E. Dr. Brendan Nelson

Ambassador of Australia to the EU, NATO, Belgium and Luxembourg

“Australia’s Strategic Defence Outlook – NATO in Partnership”


18 April 2011              Mme. Claude-France Arnould

Chief Executive of the European defence Agency (EDA)

“The European Defence Agency’s Approach to European Defence Capabilities”


7 March 2011             Mr. John A. Heffern,

Acting Dep Permanent Rep US Mission to NATO


13 December 2010      Lieutenant General Kurt Herrmann

Director, NATO Communications and Information Systems Services Agency


“Assured Communications and Information Services for NATO and Partners

in a Complex Security Environment


21 June 2010               Mr. Robert Bell

Defense Advisor of the United States to NATO

Mr. Simon Lunn

Senior Fellow of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

“NATO Strategic Concept: The NATO Parliamentary Dimension”


22 February 2010        Dr. Josef  H. Frieling

Chief Executive Officer of HANDELSAGENTUR, Germany

“New Ways of Protecting our Military Personnel: The Criticality of Water for

                                    Disinfection and Decontamination”


14 December 2009      H.E. Mr. Alexander P. Alekseev

Ambassador-at-Large for NATO-Russia Relation,

Counsellor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Ferderation

“The Russian View on Strategic Airlift: New Ideas, and New and More

                                      Efficient Forms of Cooperation”


26 October 2009         Mr. Sietze Dijkstra

IBM Global Industry Leader for Government

“Smarter Planet: Ideas for delivering Smarter Defence

and Security”


22 June 2009               Mr. Gunnar Borch

General Manager of the NATO Airlift Management Agency

“NATO and its Partners have critical Strategic Airlift Requirements:

                                   We are making progress, but more needs to be done”


27 April 2009             H.E. Ambassador Peter  Kennedy

New Zealand Ambassador  to the EU and Representative to NATO

“ To Afghanistan: from the farthest ends of the  earth. Why is a country

                                   like New Zealand there?”


10 December 2008      Mr. Bruno Rambaud

THALES Group Executive Vice-President for THALES Int. Europe

“NATO Procurement: A View from Industry”


31 October 2008         Mr. Dag Wilhelmsen

General Manager NATO C3 Agency

“Coalition Interoperability – We need it, we can do it , but do we want it?”


28 April 2008              General John Craddock

Supreme Allied Commander Europe

“Operations and Capabilities for a 21st Century Alliance”


25 February 2008        H. E. Filip Vujanovic

President of Montenegro

“Montenegro: The Road to NATO Memebership”


22. October 2007        10th Anniversary of the DMWC

H. E. Ambassador Ulrich Brandenburg,

Permanent Representative of Germany to the North Atlantic Council

“ NATO – A Look Ahead”


25 June 2007               Mr. Christian Schmidt,

Parliamentary State Secretary for Defence of Germany

“The German Presidency of the European Union: Security and

Defence Policy”


23 April 2007              Mr. Shyam Saran,

Special Envoy, Office of the Prime Minister of India

“India’s Perspectives on Recent Developments in Afghanistan”


23 February 2007        Mr. Edgar Buckley,

Senior Vice President, THALES

“NATO: Could it do better?”




23 October 2006         The Honorable Mrs.Victoria Nuland,

Head of the US Mission to the North Atlantic Council

                                   “NATO and the Future”


28 August 2006           H.E. Mr. Antonio Milososki,

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia

“Macedonia and the West”


29 June 2006               General Gerhard W. Back,

Commander Allied Joint Forces Command

“NATO Operational Challenges: Delivering ISAF and NRF Success”


24 April 2006              General R. Henault,

Chairman NATO Military Committee

“NATO’s Military Change Agenda”


27 February 2006        H.E. Mr. Jovan Manasijevski

Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia

“Macedonia and NATO: The Way for Membership”


14 December 2005      General Sir Rupert Smith,

former NATO Dep SACEUR

“The Utility of Forces”

22 June 2005               Mr. Nick Witney

Chief Executive, European Defence Agency -EDA

“EDA – Challenges and Prospects”


27 May 2005              H. E. Amb. Peter Grey

Ambassador of Australia to Belgium

“Australian Security and Defence Policy”


28 April 2005              Dr. Jörg Kaempf,

GE National Armaments Director

„Transnational Armaments Cooperation: Current Challenges“


14 March 2005           Lieutenant General Jean-Paul Perruche,

Dir Gen EU MilStaff

                                   „ESDP – Current Development“


22 November 04         Mr. Marshall Billingslea

Assistant Secretary General NATO IS

“NATO Network – Enabled Capability”


18 October 2004         H.E. Dr. Miomar Žužul

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia

“CROATIA – Profile of a Future NATO Member”


13 September 2004     H. E. Dr. Solomon I. Passy

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bulgaria

and Chairman in Office, OSCE

“Bulgaria – NATO – OSCE: Perspectives for the Future”


12  July 2004               Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

NATO Secretary General

“NATO’s Agenda Post-Istanbul”


11 June 2004               Ambassador D’Aboville

French Perm Rep to NATO

“Instanbul Conference – A French Point of View”


7 May 2004                Mr. Micheal W. Wynne

US Under Secretary of Defense

                                   “Int. Acquisition and Cooperation – A Transformation Imperative”


8 March 2004             Admiral Rainer Feist,


“NATO-EU Relationship: Lessons Learned And The Way Ahead”



9 February 2004          General Gustav Hägglund

Chairman EU Military Committtee

“European Defence – Now and in the Future”


8 December 2003        Mr. Heinz-Peter Dicks

General Manager NC3A



21 November 2003     H.E. Mrs. Ilinka Mitreva

Minister of Foreign Affairs,      Rep. of Macedonia

“MACEDONIA and NATO – The Way Ahead”


5 September 2003       General L. Jones,


“NATO at the Crossroad”    


7 July 2003                  Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns,

US Perm Rep to NATO

“The New NATO”


25 March 2003           H.E. Prof. Dr. Kadir Gulamov

Defence Minister, Uzbekistan

„Threats to the Security in Central Asia and their Influence

to the Defence Reforms in Uzbekistan“


11 February 2003        General Harald Kujat,

Chairman NATO Military Committee

„Future of the Alliance Post-Prague“


27 January 2003          H.E. Amb. Bogdan Mazuru

Head Romanian Mission

„NATO Beyond Prague – The View of a Future Member“



2 December 2002        H.E. Amb. Ginte Damuŝis

Head Lithuanian Mission

„The Baltic Countries After Prague – The Way Ahead“


9 October 2002           Mr. Kent Kresa

CEO Northrop Grumman

“Transatlantic Armaments Cooperation:

Enhancing Military Transformation”


16 September 2002     RAdm Jan H. Eriksen, RNoN

Dir. NATO Standard. Agency

“Interoperability – A Requirement for Capability”


27 June 2002               LtGen Rainer Schuwirth

Dir Gen EU Military Staff

“The Military Dimension within ESDP”


6 May 2002                H.E. Ambassador Sinkovec

Head Slovenian Mission

_”Slovenia & Nato – Commitment is the Word”



4 March 2002             Mr. Jean Fournet,

ASG Scientific & Environment Affairs Div

“SEA Food for Thought –The Relevance of Scientific &

 Environmental Affairs to Euro Atlantic Stability and Security”


24 January 2002          General Joseph W. Ralston


“NATO Operations”


19 November 2001     Prof. Dr. M. Mathiopoulos

Dir. EAG European Advisory Group

“NATO goes global or becomes irrelevant”


22 October 2001         H. E. Ambassador S. I. Kislyak

Head of the Russian Mission

“Russia-NATO Relations”


2 July 2001                  Admiral Guido Venturoni

Chairman Military Committee

„NATO’s Course of Success”


14 May 2001              M. André Nicolau

General Manager NACMA

“ACCS-An Operational, Technical, Financial and therefore a Political

Challenge for NATO”


13 November 2000     Dr. Thomas Enders

Executive Vice Pres. EADS

„The Consolidated EU Def Industry – A Pillar for ESDI“


9 October 2000          General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt

Commander Joint HQ Centre

“ KOSOVO Experiences “


18 September 2000     Mr. Emilio Gabaglio,

General Secretary, EU Trade Union Conference

“Stability Needs a Social Dimension – the EU and the Balkans”


29 May 2000              Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

NATO Secretary General

“Challenges for Security Policy –NATO at the Beginning of the 21th Century”


3 April 2000                Sir Robert Walmsley, UK

Chief Defence Procurement

“Procurement: a key driver in improved capabilities”


20 October 1999         Dr. Roland Wegener

Deputy Sec-Gen. of WEU

“The Future of European Securityand Defence”


28 June 1999               Dr. Jamie P. Shea

NATO Spokesman

“War of the Air-Waves –Reflections on Operation Allied Force“


22 March 1999           H.E. Ambassador Matjaž Šinkovec    

Head Slovenian Mission



22 February 1999        General Klaus Naumann

Chairman Military Committee

“NATO – A Look to the Future”


23 November 1998     H.E. Ambassador Lazar Comanescu              

Head Romanian Mission to NATO

“Romania and the Need for further Enlarging of NATO”


14 September 1998     H. E. Ambassador Amedeo de Franchis

Italian Perm. Representative to NATO

“Italy and the Mediterranean


29 June 1998               H. E. Mr. Karel Kovanda                   

Head Czech Mission to NATO

“The Czech Republic on the Way to NATO”


23 March 1998           The Hon. A. Vershbow,                     

Perm Rep of the United States to NATO

“NATO’s Role in Bosnia”


19 January 1998          H. E. Dr. András Simonyi

Head Hungarian Mission to NATO

“Back to Europe – Hungary’s Security Policy toward NATO”


24 September 1997     H.E. Mr. Andreji Kreczunowicz

Ambassador of Republic of Poland

“Poland and the Way to NATO”