All the organisations, institutes, think tanks and research centres have the same purpose: to honour the memory of the late NATO Secretary General by focusing attention on his leadership in the transformation of the North Atlantic Alliance, including efforts at extending NATO’s relations with the CEE countries and promoting principles and the image of the transatlantic partnership.


Manfred Wörner Fellowship

NATO Headquarters, Brussels

At the spring 1955 meeting, NATO Foreign Ministers established the Manfred Wörner Fellowship. The annual fellowship is open to candidates from the academics community and the media.

Address: Public Diplomacy Division

NATO Manfred Wörner Fellowship

B – 1110 Brussels


Tel : +32 – 2 707-5818


Manfred Wörner Seminar

Germany, Berlin

The one week seminar was founded in 1987 and named after Manfred Wörner in 1994. It brings together young academics from North America and Germany to foster mutual understanding and the transatlantic relations.


GE address:     Streitkräfteamt der Bundeswehr

Dez. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Alte Heerstrasse 90

D-53757 St. Augustin


Tel +49–2241–15 27 74


Manfred Wörner Foundation


President: Prof. Lyubomir Ivanov

The foundation was established on October 20, 1994 and registered in 1996. The aim is to pay tribute to the deed of Dr. Manfred Wörner and his European vision  as well as to contribute to foster the Atlantic values and cooperation  within the Euro-Atlantic community and elsewhere. The foundation is to pursue its objectives by establishing an annual International Manfred Wörner Award for outstanding  contributions to promoting the Euro-Atlantic co-operation and strengthening the world peace and security. Bestowing grants and fellowships, providing funding for projects, as well as carrying out other activities related to its aims ad objectives. The Foundation sponsored the naming of Manfred Wörner Street in Sofia in 1995, the naming of Wörner Gap on Livingston IslandAntarctica in 1996, and the erection of a Manfred Wörner Monument in South Park, Sofia in1996. The Foundation is focusing its activities on training and education, technical assistance to state and local authorities, transboundary regional development, promotion of new immigration policies for Bulgaria, and Antarcticresearch including the organization and management of the scientific Antarctic expedition Tangra 2004/05 and the establishment of Camp Academia on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, and published Antarctictopographic maps, donating free copies to all Bulgarian schools. The Foundation has established an Atlantic Solidarity Award, given by a jury comprising representatives of the Bulgarian civil society in appreciation of outstanding personal contributions to world peace and liberty. Lord George Robertson became the first recipient of the award in 2003. The Founding President (since 1994) is Dr. Lyubomir IvanovElfie Wörner was the Honorary Director of the Foundation in 19972006.

Address:          Manfred Wörner Foundation

Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Salvyanska Street 29

1000 Sofia / Bulgaria


Tel : 00359-(0) 981 06 99


Manfred Wörner Foundation for Security in Democratic Societies


Chairman: Dr. Tamas Katona

The foundation was established on 12 November 1998. The goal is to establish and operate an independent institution  for training of civilian defence experts from both Hungary and other Eastern European Countries. The institution is open to politicians, journalists, business leaders, government officials, academics and military officers.


Address:          Manfred Wörner Alapítvány/Foundation

Szent. Iastvan Krt. 2. 5/27

POB: 1242 Bp 41ß

H – 1054 Budapest, Báthory ucta 7

Tel 269 – 3829




Manfred Wörner Room


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest

The room was inaugurated in spring 2001


Manfred Wörner Foundation


Chairman: Mr. Sorin Encutescu

It was founded on 4 April 1996 with the aim to foster the integration of Romania into the Euro-Atlantic structures by different programs i.e. publications, seminars, lectures, discussions and student exchange.

Address:          Manfred Wörner Foundation

PO Box 2-19

47 Kiseleff Av.

1 Bucharest / Romanai

Tel +40-1-722380142



Manfred Wörner Zentrum


Command & Staff College, Hamburg,

The Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr,  the highest German Military Academy has dedicated the new centre for simulation and exercises to Manfred Wörner in 1999. The centre educates more than 600 officers. Within about 100 officers from nearly 50 nations and computer assisted exercises (CAX) are used for training.

Address:          Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr

Manteuffelstraße 20

D – 22587 Hamburg / Germany

Tel: +49-40-8667-4700


Manfred Wörner Hall


George C. Marshall Center, Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

Manfred Wörner Hall and is a prominent clock tower rise up at the entrance to the Sheridan Kaserne in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. “The most distinctive of the buildings that house the George C. Marshall EuropeanCenter for Security Studies, Wörner Hall memorializes the distinguished career of a German leader who stood for strong transatlantic relations and opening the Western Alliance to the East. The dedication ceremony was on25 August 1997 with Mrs. Elfie Wörner. The Marshall Center educates politicians and officers from Eastern European and Central Asian Countries.

Address:          George C. Marshall Center

Gernacker Straße 3

D-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen,    Germany

Tel: +49-8821-750760           Fax +49-8821-750841


Manfred Wörner Hall


NATO School Oberammergau

In June 2005 the new auditorium at the NATO School in Oberammergau was named after Manfred Wörner. In a special ceremony with some hundred guests Admiral Edmund P. Gambastiani the then Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Col. Gerhard Schepe,  Dep. Commander of the NATO School, revealed an oil portray of Manfred Wörner handed over by Mrs. Elfie Wörner. The NATO School educates about 8.000 students from about 60 countries.

Address:          NATO School

Public Affairs Office

Am Rainenbichl 54

D-82487 Oberammergau

Tel +49 – 8822-9481-1057


Manfred Wörner Building

NATO Headquarters, Brussels

The Manfred Wörner Building was inaugurated by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana on 7 April 1997. The building on the component of the NATO HQ houses the offices of 5 EAPC and PfP countries: Albania,Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and The Republic of Macedonia.


Dr. Manfred Wörner Circle (DMWC) – Friends of NATO

NATO Headquarters, Brussels

The DMWC was founded in 1997 as an independent, non profit forum to discuss topics of Future Security and Defence Policy with experts from the three Brussels based Alliances EU, NATO and WEU but also from the various think tanks. The idea is to foster the European Strategic Community with a strong transatlantic link to the United States and Canada. It provides also a forum for exchange of information for experts from non NATO countries participating in the EAPC and other bodies.


Honour President: H. E. Ambassador Amedeo de Franchis,

former Deputy NATO Secretary General

Board Members:          Mr. David Cooper, Mr. Thomas Darcy, Mr. Hermann Poetter, Mr. Claus-Peter Müller

Address:          Dr. Manfred Wörner Circle

Mr. David Cooper

18, Av. De l ‘Etoile

B-1340 Ottignies


Manfred Wörner Initiative

Grafing b. München, Germany


Manfred Wörner Memorial Lecture


Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik, Berlin

Every year has been the Manfred Wörner Memorial Lecture since 1997. The initiative to found such an academy was given by Manfred Wörner. The German governmental Academy for Security Policy is the country’s highest ranking think tank on Security Policy.

Address:          Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik

Ossietzkystrasse 44

13187 Berlin

Tel +49 – 30 – 40046 – 0


Manfred Wörner Security Forum



Manfred Wörner Archiv/ Manfred Wörner Lecture


Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation; Berlin

The Foundation named after the 1stGerman Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer is affiliated to the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). The aim is to foster democracy and the political opinion building process in the society. Manfred Wörner was member of the CDU in the German Parliament. He was also a member of the Federal Executive of the CDU and Deputy Chairman of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation.

The Berlin located institution is responsible for the M. Wörner archive which contains documents from his political carrier from 1962 to 1994.

An annual Manfred Wörner Lecture is given at the Berlin KAS academy in January.

Address:           Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung                             Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Tiergartenstraße 35                                         Archiv

D-10907 Berlin                                              53 Bonn

Tel +49-30-26996-0                                      Tel +49-2241-246-0


Manfred WörnerLecture


German Atlantic Society affiliated the Atlantic Treaty Association ATA

is carrying out the annual Manfred Wörner Lecture at Bonn end of June since 1996.

Adress:            Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft

Dorotheenstrasse 84

D-10117 Berlin

Tel: +49-30 – 20 64 91 34


Manfred Wörner Medal


Minstry of Defence, Berlin

The Minister of Defence of Germany has founded the Manfred Wörner Medal 10 June 1996.

It has been awarded to

1996        Mr. Richard Holbrooke                                   2003    Mrs Catherine McArdle Kalleher

1997        Mr. Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist                        2004    Mr. Koschnik

1998        Ambassador Dr. Gerd Wagner                        2005    Mr Christian Schwarz-Schilling

1999    Dr. Janusz Onyszkiewicz                                 2007    Mr. Martti Ahtisaari

2000    Mrs. Elizabeth Pond                                        2009    Mr. Jörg Schönbohm

2001    Mr. Karsten Voigt                                           2010    Mr. Horst Teltschik

2002    Mr. Javier Solana


Manfred Wörner Marktplatz


Offizierschule der Luftwaffe  (OSLw)

Postfach 12 64  A/S

D-82242 Fürstenfelbruck


Manfred Wörner Gap

Manfred Wörner Gap on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antartica is named after Dr. Wörner in recognition of his contribution to the European unification


Elfie – Wörner – Stiftung

Bundeswehrsozialwerk Berlin

In remembrance to the warm-hearted social engagement of Elfie Wörnerwho died in summer 2006 the Bundeswehrsozialwrk founded the “Elfie-Wörner-Stiftung”. The “Aktion Sorgenkind in Bundeswehrfamilien” was for years under the aauspicies of Elfie. The Elfie-Wörner Stiftung still the supports the “Aktion Sorgenkind”.  Therefore there is a real recollection on Elfie and on her outstanding social engagement.

Address:          Bundeswehrsozialwerk

Ollenhauerstr. 2

53113 Bonn

Tel: +49-(0)228 – 377737-0


Manfred Wörner-Stipendium

was founded in 1999 by the German Minister of Defence for scholarships at the Bundeswehr Universities in Hamburg and Munich



Dr. Manfred Wörner Straße

The city of Göppingen, 50 km south east of Stuttgart, honoured Manfred Wörner as NATO SecGen. Göppingen was over years the electorial area for him as Member of the Deutsche Bundestag.


Manfred Wörner Platz

The village of Wäschebeuren near Göppingen, 50 km South East of Stuttgart, was the native place of Manfred Wörner. His buried place is also there.